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Many people say that jewelry should be the last thing you put on before you leave the house, and the first thing you take off when you get home.

We have never liked this phrase. It gives the impression that your jewelry is uncomfortable, fragile, and only for show. 

Jewelry should be something that you can enjoy all the time. It should be something that gives YOU pleasure. Jewelry for love and not status.

Pieces by James Colarusso are exactly that. When you try on a James Colarusso ring, you will be amazed by the comfort. Smooth, organic shapes that just feel right. Rings that you will forget you are wearing. 

With his charms, they are tokens that mean something special for each person who wears them. Strung on leather or a simple chain, they become a part of your person. We all started with one charm in beautiful simplicity and gradually acquired a collection for all the many aspects of our lives. 

His new pieces are ones that require some craftsmanship from us and we couldn't be happier. Gold bars, organic pieces of coral, beautiful heavy nuggets.

These new pieces are braided, knotted, and strung onto beautiful handworked leather that is incredibly strong. We buy our leather from Terre Mer creator Jess Ruffie, who really knows leather, and uses only the best.

The leather is soft, natural, and comfortable to wear. With sensitive skin, chains can sometimes be abrasive and irritating. The leather does not irritate the skin and can be worn ALL THE TIME. It gets nicer and nicer the more you wear it. It will become softer and darker and age beautifully.

Here are seven pieces that have been made with the utmost care and attention to detail. As they are all hand made, we only have one of each piece. This week, these specific pieces will be available for purchase on the website. (But don't worry... if you miss it we can special order another one for you!)

The handworked leather combined with the smooth weight of the gold and silver pieces is really some of the most beautiful jewelry we have ever seen. We live in these pieces. This jewelry is more of a lifestyle than an adornment. Almost like a tattoo, once you get one, it will become a permanent part of you.




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