The Search is Over - The Monserrat Dress

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Fully stocked, our shipment of Monserrat dresses has just arrived from Italy.

Your search for the ageless, timeless, classic dress is over. And to top it all off, it is probably the most comfortable thing you will ever wear!

Here's a little bit about the dress...

The fit is impeccable. Entirely made in Italy, you would expect no less. 

A higher cut neckline, tight fitting to just above the knee. The Monserrat dress looks amazing on just about everyone, whether you are 16 or 60. 

Being double layer, the dress is substantial, smoothing and fits like a glove. Comfort is not sacrificed for fashion here. You will look amazing and feel so comfortable and happy.

The length is great, you can bend, crouch, run, sit, hop, and skip in comfort and style. 

If you want to show a little extra leg, the dress scrunches beautifully.

About the fabric. All woven and printed in Italy, it is the highest quality microfiber available. Snagging, pilling, misshapen stretching...these worries don't exist with this dress. Really. Amazing. And the softest material you have ever felt. 

You can wear it everyday (I do!) or for any special occasion.

Another great thing about this dress, that cannot be said for most other tight fitting dresses, is that is does not involuntarily shorten! After a busy day of running around I have found that dresses will work their way up to your knickers without you even realizing! If you want it to stay knee length... it will! If you want it to remain short and scrunched... it will! 

The dresses are available in all of our beautiful custom prints- camo, azulejos, diamond stripe , leopard, english roses, and blue flower.

And a select few solids- black (EVERYONE needs an LDB), hazelnut (nearly naked), red (choose this one if you want to turn heads), and white lace (stunning).

(If you clicked on any of those links... multi-tasking! The photographer needed to go and FIX A SINK!)

Priced at $220, the dress may seem a little pricey to some (and a steal to others!) 

But honestly, it is worth every penny. 

Here's why: it costs us more to make.The fabric alone for one dress is at least $30. Just the fabric. This is not a dress that costs us $10 to produce. While this is the case for many brands manufacturing in China and Indonesia, that is not the sort of business we like to support. We have also found from carrying so many brands that the quality is just. not. there. But the large price tag IS.

Our dresses are made in a family owned factory in the country side of Rome. The factory workers enjoy lovely pay, holidays, and they get the entire month of August off. This is the type of lifestyle we like to support. Things get done a little slower and cost quite a bit more, but in this way we create a product we are proud of that we stand behind 100%.

We really do think they should be more expensive. We have never found such a beautiful, well made dress for such a good price. And we have done our fair share of shopping. 

And they sell too quickly! We love having them in the shop.  Quick get them while you can for $220. Before we panic and decide they need to be $400.

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