The Story

Pippa, Tamsin, Caitlin and Lola, 3 sisters and mum, work together to curate a collection of clothes and the necessary accessories for a life on the move and mostly at the beach. The Imries have four locations dictated by their nomadic lifestyle. The first was started in 2005 in Westhampton Beach, where Lola was in high school. In 2006 they opened the Maui location. The family had moved to Maui years before for Photographer father and brother, to pursue habits in the surf. It remained a home base and an Imrie store was necessary. The draw of surf, healthy food and more beach in the New York summers deemed Montauk the next spot. The pool side at Sole East Hotel, where they began in 2012, was just the place to escape the hustle and bustle that Montauk had become, but still enjoy that place which was so much a part of their lives. Later that year, they made the leap to international waters. In 2010 Max and Richard (the photographer brother and father), sailed their boat to the Caribbean and made St Barth their new winter home. The girls couldn't resist the urge to follow. Later in 2012 they opened there as well. Their collection has grown and evolved along the way as they take on new lines from friends far and wide and find inspiration through the people they meet and the lives they live.