Hot Pink Pebbled Silk

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Has the midsummer heat got you in a slump?
Are you dreading the fact that this just might be the start to the end of the summer?
Depressed by ads for back to school shopping?
Well, don’t be!
I just know your summer is only half way started. You’ve got numerous more BBQ’s, beach parties, friends dinners, birthday bashes and other festivities to come. And do you know what you need? To WELCOME the next chapter of your summer with open arms? This hot pink skirt.
You’ve had the time to top up your tan. Now’s the time to make it pop!
Tan skin, hot pink washed and pebbled silk, and a white shirt. 
The skirt is who you feel like being for the rest of the summer.
And the time is now. We don’t have many, we can’t get more. It’s too good to miss!!

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