An Interview. First of Four.

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The bathing suits. 
Everyone’s favorites and why.
Let’s start with Lola.
She can’t make up her mind so she has agreed to let the aravalli sport top and Mediterranean bottom be a temporary favorite for the purpose of this post. 
I: Now tell me Lola, why this top? What makes it such a CLEAR choice when there are so many amazing tops to choose from?

L: (Narrowed eyes. Unhappy that she has been made to choose just ONE top as a favorite. You can tell she feels disloyal to the others. It’s almost as if she has been made to choose a favorite child.)

I fidget uncomfortably beneath her stony glare. Finally, I relent and rephrase my question.

I: Lola, can you tell me, what draws you to the aravalli sport top? You seem to wear it quite often.
(This question seems to sit better with her and I wait with bated breath.)

L: Thank you for fixing your question. And... I like the OPENness of it. While it is a substantial top, I still feel FREE in it. And at the same time it is super supportive. You never have to worry about being too exposed and yet it has such pretty and feminine lines. It works well for large and small chests and can also double as a sport or regular top. I love how it ends at the smallest part of the waist as well, accentuating that nice line. It is very comfortable and effortless.

I: Thank you for that. Now for the bottom. What do you like about the Mediterranean bottom?

L: Well, they are a new style for us. An update on the Pacific bottom which was the fullest coverage bottom we made. And I never particularly LIKED that bottom. My bum is too small to wear a large full coverage bottom. But this bottom was such a pleasant surprise! Because while it can be full coverage, you can also pull it UP! And it becomes sort of a wide higher waisted cheeky bottom. And I LOVED it! Again, like the top it is substantial and supportive but also FREE!

I: Thank you Lola for you answers. Was lovely speaking with you. Say hi to Brian for me!


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