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You don't need maternity clothes!
Being pregnant can be difficult, the first three months you feel sick. Then you look like you've been drinking too much beer. And then you just get really large, or feel that way! Retail therapy is needed sometimes. But even THAT is difficult because most things don't fit! Not like they used to anyways. So that leaves jewelry. Something glamorous that fits no matter what. And although spending a couple thousand on jewelry REALLY gets you through those last few months (so irresponsible and selfish!! Too much fun! Just what you need before you become a completely selfless being covered in baby sick. The glamorous jewelry will get you through those FIRST few months as well.) So although we DO highly suggest the jewelry... We have clothes that can satisfy your need for retail therapy. Clothes that will make you look good, feel good about yourself, and that you can wear after you have the baby! Here is our capsule collection of our must have pieces for your ultimate pregnancy.
(One maternity article of clothing we will concede on is a pair or two of jeans. Paige or Current/Elliott are best. The ones with an elastic insert at the side, those two links are my favorites. Buy your regular size and they will fit the whole way through. No high waisty jersey bits and the panels are so inconspicuous you really can wear them even if you're not pregnant!!!)
We love knotted tanks paired with a pencil skirt. Ultimate in comfort.
Really just the best t shirt, pregnant or not. 
For those days when you just need to wear a sweatsuit. This is the only one you'll need.
That much needed tighter dress in the softest organic cotton.
When you REALLY don't feel like wearing any clothes, put this on.
A simple classic in the softest organic cotton. 
THE most amazing dress. For those days when you need to feel just a little bit extra glamorous.
That much needed outerlayer. You could throw this on over a night gown and still look chic.
Stick with the classics. Stripes are always a good thing.
Softest organic cotton, prettiest floral print.
Softest lycra in the prettiest feminine floral print.
Soft, supportive, and flattering.

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