Nagoya Sandal - Silver
Nagoya Sandal - Silver
Nagoya Sandal - Silver
$ 290.00

Nagoya Sandal - Silver

100% Leather

Made in France

Something to add a little bit of shine to the perpetually casual. 
Beautiful sandals, handmade in St Tropez, France. 
They have been made in the same way, in the same location, for centuries. 
They are the most classic and timeless leather sandals. 
The silver ones are perfect for someone like Pippa! She can add them to any casual outfit to instantly give a lift!
They are as happy on the beach as they are at a more formal soirée. 
Think of all the things you could wear them with!
Destroyed denim, white cotton, sarongs, a simple black dress. 
The silver offers a beautiful contrast to a natural skin tone and gives the illusion of an instant sun kissed glow.