Lioness ring- gold
Lioness ring- gold
Lioness ring- gold
Lioness ring- gold
$ 1,725.00

Lioness ring- gold

14kt gold ring with lioness stamp . 
independence femininity and power.

Lioness ring. 
Smooth edges. 
Slim, but heavy. 
Elegant, but powerful. 
You could easily break a car window with it if your tap was the tiniest bit too forceful. How powerful. Like a lioness. 
You could (and should) wear it to the most formal and fancy parties. How elegant. Like a lioness. 
It is fun to have something that is both elegant and powerful. 
It is fun to be something that is both elegant and powerful. 
So, embrace your inner lioness. 
Get this ring so you will always remember you can be both elegant and powerful… in some way or other. 
You could be elegantly powerful and shatter a car window with the tap of a finger, while wearing a sleek party dress and black sunglasses. 
(I wouldn’t really suggest it though, unless a pet or child is stuck in the car. I once tapped forcefully on a car window with my rings on and the occupant said “Hey! You could have shattered my window!” The occupant was not stuck in the car so did not need the window broken. (I just wanted to talk to him.) Better just to be content with the knowledge of power? Otherwise you might be a lioness surprised by the sudden appearance of an angry bear.)