The Importance of GOOD Water

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Nobody gives much thought to the quality of water we drink on a daily basis.
Tap water is supposedly clean, but it contains a host of contaminants, including chlorine, which is put in there so all the other things don't make you sick! (Caitlin recently tested her tap water and there was a total of 56 undissolved solids!)
Bottled water is often tap water going by another name. Water that DID at one point come from a lovely spring somewhere may have been sitting around in a plastic bottle for maybe two or three years before you get to enjoy it! While sitting in that plastic bottle, it has had nasty chemicals leaching into it. (BPA free plastic isn't safe either, apparently has BPS in it! There's always something... But more on that later!)
Even after all that it is not even the source of your water that is so important or even the amount that you drink. The important thing is the amount of water that you ABSORB. and that's where alkaline water comes in.
You can be drinking huge amounts of water every day and still be dehydrated because that water isn't getting into your cells.
So many sicknesses and problems for people today are a result of an overly acidic body. Good quality water is not reaching the insides of cells to wash away acidic metabolic waste.
The best water is melting snow or glacier water that runs over rocks, collecting minerals on the way. THAT is alkaline water. It is high in active hydrogen which makes the water highly antioxidant. It has a much lower surface tension as a result of the way the water molecul
es clump together in smaller clusters.
The micro clustering of the water molecules is what makes the water so hydrating and easy to absorb.
Many studies have found that people living in the mountain towns with this delicious alkaline water have much better health and live longer than the rest of the world!

Many of us do not live in those lovely little mountain towns with that delicious alkaline water though so my suggestions are glass bottles (mountain valley spring is delicious and very good quality), or buy a water alkalizer. These can range in price from 60 to 5000. I'm not sure how effective the cheaper ones are but I need to find out and choose one to invest in!

Five extra reasons to PAY ATTENTION to your water quality!!

Powerful antioxidant. Provides extra electrons that neutraliz
e free radicals. Free radicals = disease and premature aging.
Increases blood oxygenation which gives you increased energy and mental awareness.
Balances the body's ph. Disease won't grow in an alkaline environment.
Smaller molecules gives you more hydration. No more feeling dehydrated.
Water can penetrate cells so much more effectively which makes it extremely detoxifying. Acidic wastes are flushed out of cells.

So as it turns out, alkaline water is EXTREMELY important for your health! Time to go and buy a water alkalizer!!

Xx Imrie

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