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Do you KNOW that objects can take on the energy in which they are surrounded? 
People talking to their plants and having flourishing gardens, I’m sure you’ve heard of. But did you know that the same is true of completely INANIMATE objects?! 
When you feel love, happiness, and gratitude towards something, there is a small shift in its molecules. 
All things take on the energy of their creator. 
We strive to sell you things with life force and character. Things that truly will have a positive impact on your life. 
And one of the items with the most charismatic life force squeezed into every ounce of it is our belts. I don’t even know if we have any available for you to BUY right now. But you MUST know how special they are. Don’t worry, we will have a lovely selection exclusively for you in time for Christmas. 
They are absolutely saturated with energy from Chico. He is the only one to touch them in their entire creation process. He chooses the hides with excitement from a lovely place in Italy. Hides from happy cows ensure beautiful uniformity and strength. He then cuts the straps by hand with precision and concentration. 
After that they may sit for a bit while he procrastinates. 
But all the while they are absorbing Chico wavelengths. Sometimes the tiniest bit wicked, sometimes incredibly funny, sometimes reflective, and sometimes completely outrageous. 
You must try to meet him. But in the meantime, one of his belts will do wonderfully. If you already have one, you must get another one. If you already have five, just WAIT until you see the shoes we have coming from him. 

I didn’t finish telling you about the belts! After they are cut and then procrastinated. 
I wont go into all the tiny details because there are so many. But the edges are hand skived, belt holes punched through one at a time, buckles are attached; either hand stitched on or custom rivets hammered through. Then they are all taken outside and hand painted. 
A lot of his energy goes into one belt. 
His is an energy that you should invite into your life with open arms. 
(This energy absorbing phenomenon is why you must be so careful buying second hand. Don’t shy away from it, but trust your instinct. If the pretty lamp from the antique shop feels a bit creepy, don’t get it. You will know.)

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