An Interview: Second of Four

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Interview with Tamsin.
I. Hi Tamsin, so I’m here to talk to you about your most favorite Imrie suit.
(We are in her house. She has a yoga mat unrolled on the kitchen floor. She is practicing the warrior pose, but unlike I have ever seen it practiced before. It is a traditional warrior but the speed at which she is switching from side to side makes me think of karate. There is a look of steely determination on her face and with every movement she gives an abrupt exhale. Her long hair is braided and adds to the spectacle by swinging wildly from side to side.)
Tamsin: (Long exhale, strong clap and I finally am rewarded with her undivided attention. The warriors are finished.) well you see , I am very ATHLETIC. I’m in very good SHAPE. And I need a suit that can KEEP UP WITH ME. (With every word emphasis, she respectively, flexes her bicep, slaps her stomach, and then swings her leg forward with pointed toes accentuating every muscle. )
I. And ... have you found a suit that has succeeded? (I ask, somewhat hesitantly.)
Tamsin. (She beckons me to sit at her breakfast bar. She sits opposite, and I am fixed with a level gaze. You know, I really don’t know what to expect next. I’ve never SEEN Tamsin like this before!) have I found a suits that has met all of my needs and flown past them in a cloud of dust? Have I found my ideal technical sport bathing suit, suitable for all activities? Is that what you mean?
I. Um... well yes. I mean if it has been that successful for you that’s amazing. Has it been that successful for you? Or ... are you still looking?
Tamsin. Have you ever written with a space pen Lola?
I. A... space pen?
Tamsin. A space pen can write upside down. A space pen makes the impossible possible. A space pen is MAGIC. This bathing suit is the space pen of bathing suits.
I. (Sigh of relief) oh wow! Well that’s amazing. I’m so happy!

I leave and realize she has not told me which bathing suit is actually her favorite.

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