The Big Box under the Tree
$ 3,900.00

The Big Box under the Tree

Oh my gosh.
It’s Christmas. And we love wrapping. And we love presents. And we love surprises. And we have the BEST present for you. It is. SO. EXCITING.
Now because I want it to be a surprise, I can’t tell you what’s in the present. But I can try to give you clues.
You will not be barefoot. You will not be in sandals. You will be sock less.
There will be a golden sparkle somewhere.
Your trousers (which will be supplied) will NOT fall down!!
You will be able to decorate yourself, like a modest Christmas tree, with the only sustainable gemstone.
We will not leave you topless. You won’t have to panic because it is organic.
You will come out of it all looking like an Imrie.
On a good day. I hope that is desirable? I really don’t think there’s anything cooler than Pippa on a good day.
She gets stopped in the streets! People say “who ARE you?!”
It is true. I have witnessed it. Multiple times.
Well, the same will happen to you with this just absolutely incredible amazing spectacular present.
To make it even better, it will be blessed by Pippa. Each one. I will photograph her blessing yours and send it to you in an email.
And guess what. It is only $3900. It’s a steal. A group deal.
Tell me your shoe size (6-10, half sizes included)
Tell me your jean size (24-30)
Tell me your top size (XS-L)
And the rest will be holiday magic.