Window Shopping

Beautiful day here in Hawaii!
Imagine this:
You are here!
You woke up early, went straight to the beach. Had a beautiful beach walk and swim. 
Then on your way back to where you are staying, you stop in Paia to find a delicious smoothie/coffee/açaí bowl/croissant. 
You are in a sarong and t shirt, you’ve found your delicious after beach treat and you are walking to your car when you turn and see 2 beautiful shiny windows with beautiful clothes inside. You can’t resist! You stand outside for a bit, window shopping. Then the temptation is too much, you must go inside! It is cool, fresh, and airy. It smells delicious (essential oils! No synthetics here). You are greeted by Nicole, smiling and offering to help you with whatever you might need!
You say the window was too tempting, you had to come in. Now, she gathers everything featured in the window in your size and arranges it all neatly in the dressing room. You browse and wander a bit and then are shown into a lovely big dressing room, instead of walls there are thick heavy white linen curtains and the one wall is covered in mirror. 
And here you go, the golden olive cotton shirt. Oh it feels amazing and over your bikini, it’s perfect. Try it with the white linen pants, so cool! Fresh beautiful comfortable. Have to say yes to those two. 
Now the linen woven dress. Oh what interesting colors and textures. Amazing colors on you, you look so tan! And again the perfect piece to throw on over a bikini. Oh here’s a belt, I guess I could try it with the dress. WOW that’s amazing! I didn’t know I needed a belt!
Jeans? I have enough jeans I don’t think I need the jeans. I’ll try them anyway. Oh my gosh maybe I do need these jeans. They’re so comfortable and classic. They’re amazing. Let me try it with this stripey t shirt. GREAT t shirt! And it’s organic! And made in France! Love it! What about this cardigan? Ooh it’s so soft. I love the shredded edges, so cool. Oh well this is a pretty perfect cardigan. It will be great for summer. Thinking of summer, let me try a hat. I love the white one. I do need to shade my face sometimes. Oh this is a NICE hat! 
ok! Ok! I’m finished! Don’t let me look at anything else!!
You leave the dressing room, arms full. 
While Nicole neatly folds all of your incredible choices, you peek at the jewelry. But you stop yourself, that will have to be on another day. 
What a fun morning.