The sun and the stars

The sun or the stars?! Powerful, radiant, explosive warmth, or the hopeful sparkle in a dark night sky? 

Here we have both for you. The big bold Soleil or the small, delicate and sparkling Etoile Muse? Both are the only ones of their kind. Each pearl hand selected for its radiance, clarity, perfect imperfections. 

I asked for some words and explanation about the amazingly beautiful Soleil necklace last month; I like to know as much as possible about pieces like this, the inspiration, the process, the length of time it took to create, and I like to share that information with all of you. And coincidentally WHILE I was compiling this newsletter about these two necklaces, I received a response. I am somewhat hesitant to share the following information with you, but I feel, if you are seriously considering purchasing the Soleil, you must know the intensity of its power and really examine your inner self to see if you do possess the potential to own it. 


“Cher Mme. Lola, your desire to promote the Soleil has opened deep divisions within the TerreMer board.  Our conclusion after a week of debate and discord is that ANY serious promotion of the necklace so named Soleil to sell is unwise and otherwise irresponsible.  

The considerable monetary value of the product is the most obvious but also the most insignificant.  We wouldn't be a functional business if we had moral concerns taking money for our product. 

It's just the Soleil is, how can I put without sounding mystical, a piece of great power.  We place great meaning in how we name a piece, and Soleil is apt.  It is the source of not only abundant warmth and beauty, but searing explosive heat that can only hypothesized by trained  astronomers.  I won't even mention Icarus.  This is the paradox one feels when placing the Soleil around one's neck.  Inviting just anyone to experience this in a serious way galls us.  The Soleil in question is the third of its kind.  We have made and sold two but to the same woman who has proven countless times to have the necessary constitution.

 We don't want to place restrictions on you, our vendor.  We don't want to micromanage the sale of our product.  So can we arrange a compromise?  Photograph the necklace, write what you like about it, just do so absent the spirit of open invitation.  Make the promotion seemingly fictional, off hand, artistic, or just entertaining.  Does the Soleil even exist?  Above all, the fact that the necklace is in your possession, in your shop, ready to be worn, and bought MUST be obscured as much as possible.  Thus, onlythe truly adequate owner, if there is one, will find his or her own way.

Again, thankyou and we apologize for any difficulties this may cause you.

The Board,

Terre Mer Love.”